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Zamboanga Sibugay Travel Tips and General Information

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    Natural Tourist Attractions

    Sibuguey Bay
    Bounding the province’s southern peripheries, Sibuguey Bay has sites ideal for snorkeling and diving. This underwater must-see is blessed with several coral formations that function naturally as fish sanctuaries.

    Tantanan Bay
    It is the largest fish sanctuary found in the province. Tantanan Bay is located within the municipality of Alicia, encompassing an area of five hectares.

    A notable fish sanctuary in the province is located within the municipality of Talusan, and dubbed as “Takushari.” It can be reached in about five minutes from the seaport.

    Pulo Laum
    Within the island of Pulo Laum, the provincial government is currently maintaining a sanctuary for the propagation of sea snakes. The island is located within the municipality of Olutanga.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    The province is endowed with several islets that are ideal for resort development. Notable are Pandilusan Island in the municipality of Payao and Litayon Island in the municipality of Alicia. One characteristic that they have in common is their white sand beaches. In addition to these islets, there are also white sand atolls in both municipalities that are submerged during high tides.

    The primary inland tourist attractions of the province include the large caves in the municipalities of Tungawan and Talusan as well as the Moalboal Cave in the municipality of Titay.

    Among the picturesque waterfalls found in the province are Tagbilat, Dalisay, Tugop Muslim, Cobacob, Go-otoc, Malagandis, Basay, and Palina Falls in Ipil.

    Hills & Mountains
    The province is endowed with vast natural attractions, especially hills and mountains, some of which are developed as economic enterprises by the Municipal Government Units or by private groups. However, many of these remained untapped due to inaccessibility and funding constraints.

    Buluran Falls

    Buluan Island

    Pandilusan Island in Payao
    Which is 1 1/2 hours away from Ipil, where there is a coral reef sanctuary. The water there is so clear and the sand is so fine that it reminds you of talcum powder.

Zamboanga Sibugay Travel Information
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Tours of local attractions take place on a regular basis but you can organize your own tour with just your kids or with a few other families in your neighborhood. You may be
surprised by what companies and organizations will provide free tours of their facilities.

The fire hall is always intriguing to young children. If you call your local fire hall and speak with the fire chief he will be happy to arrange a time for you to stop in with your
children. They will show the kids around, let them see inside the fire engine and if there is time the children can see a fireman in all of his gear. Not only is this fun, it is a safety
precaution for kids. Chances are they will be less scared of a firefighter in his full uniform with a mask if he or she sees one before an emergency. You will have to be
prepared for the tour to be cut short if an emergency is called in. Free Tours around your City

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