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    Dakak Beach
    The very popular Dakak Beach is most known for its beautfiully shaped cove and powdery white sand, and as a diving mecca in Mindanao. Pristine blue waters, excellent dive sites with an abundance of coral reefs, and a magnificent sunset horizon characterize this tropical eden. Dakak Park and Beach Resort boasts 15 hectares of wooded land, a natural reservoir for native plants and animals, and a 750-meter private white-sand beach.

    Dapitan Bay
    It is a stretch of clean beach on the northern section of the poblacion, with sunsets more beautiful than the fabled ones at Manila Bay. With a water depth that is gradual and with no undertow, the site is perfectly safe for swimming.

    Barangay Daro
    It commands a breathtaking view of the Sulu Sea north and east of the city, stretching as far as the municipality of Sibutad in Zamboanga del Norte and Balingao in Misamis Occidental.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    Aliguay & Silinog Islands
    These island barangays abound in white sand beaches and rich aquatic resources. They are located roughly 10 and 14 kilometers, respectively, from Tag-olo Point. Both islands are accessible by pumpboat.

    Sungkilaw Falls
    It is described as an entirely new whitewater experience where the sightseeing pleasure never wanes. A 25-minute hike from the OISCA Forest Park brings you to Sungkilaw Falls.

    Sicayab Beach
    It is a seven-kilometer velvet stretch of fine gray sand, offering exquisite solitude as the fiery sun dies in the horizon to the onset of twilight, broken only by the distant cries of fishermen returning to shore with the day's catch.

    Galas and Olingan Beach
    A public beach that stretches for eight kilometers, its gray sand beach is a favorite of bathers, swimmers, and picknickers during weekends and holidays. It is located only 5 kilometers from downtown Dipolog.

    Cogon Jungle Adventure
    It is a thickly forested area of around 300 hectares, which is ideal for mountaineering, hiking, and nature buffs. The pristine experience it offers of venturing into a truly unspoiled showcase of nature is not to be missed. The government-preserved site is located at Barangay Cogon, about 25 kilometers from Dipolog City proper.

Zamboanga Del Norte Travel Information
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