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Quezon City Travel Tips and General Information

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    Quezon City Historical Tourist Attractions

    1. Quezon Memorial Circle Shrine

    Location: Elliptical Road, Quezon City

    Description: the tallest structure in the city which pierces 66 meters to the sky, is a fitting tribute to the founder of Quezon City and one of the country's greatest statesmen - President Manuel Luis Quezon.

    The monument which was built in the center of the 27 hectare rotunda park also boasts a museum housing priceless Quezonian items plus the added attraction of the remains of this great man laid to rest in a bronze casket and a marble niche.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Metro Manila Information

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    How to get there?: From Mabini Street of Taft Avenue, hail a PUJ bound for "Fairview". Get off right at the side of the Quezon Memorial Circle.

    Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

    2. Barrio Pugad Pawin (Balintawak)

    Location: Just a stone's throw away from the Cloverleaf Bridge in Balintawak. Across the Cloverleaf Market.

    Description: A foremost Philippine Historic site where the Great Plebian and founder of KKK, Andres Bonifacio launched the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards in 1896. The uprising was then called the "Cry of Balintawak".

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue, hail a PUJ bound for "Blumentritt/Dimasalang". Get off at Blumentritt market and hail another PUJ bound for "Novaliches". Get off at Cloverleaf market.

    Travel Time: Approximately 1 hour.

    3. Barrio La Loma

    Location: La Loma, Blumentritt

    Description: Another historical landmark in Quezon City is La Loma. It was in the said barrio that the Filipinos first fought the Americans during the Philippine-American War.

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue, hail a PUJ bound for "La Loma".

    Travel Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

    4. Quezon City Hall

    Location: East Avenue, Quezon City

    Description: It was in this imposing 14 storey edifice where the new "Philippine Constitution" was signed in 1971. The building not only is the center of city government activities but it also houses other national government agencies. Its location is beautified by the refreshing view of a man-made lagoon.

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue or T.M. Kalaw Street, hail a PUJ bound for "Fairview". Get off right at the side of the Quezon Memorial Circle. Take a 5-minute walk towards the Quezon City Hall.

    Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

    5. Welcome Rotonda

    Location: Within the center-end of Espana Blvd., Quezon and E. Rodriguez Avenues. (in between United Doctors Medical and PLDT).

    Description: this imposing rotunda which was built in 1948 by City Architect Luciano V. Aquino (in the office of then Mayor Ponciano Bernardo) serves as the gateway to Quezon City from the neighboring city of Manila. This is where three (3) of Metro Manila's busiest roads meet, namely: Espana Blvd. In Manila and Quezon Avenue and E. Rodriguez Avenue in Quezon City. Here on September 27, 1984, government troops violently dispersed and anti-government rally. This incident clearly showed that even peaceful expression of the citizens' righteous indignation was not allowed by the Marcos Administration.

    On May 17, 1995, the 43-year old "Welcome Rotunda" was renamed "Mabuhay Rotunda"' the ceremony was attended by Quezon city Mayor Ismael A. Mathay, Jr., outgoing Vice-Mayor Charito Planas, Vice-Mayor elect Herbert Bautista and restaurateur Rod Ungpauco who has suggested the popularization of the word for "Welcome".

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue or T.M. Kalaw Street, hail a PUJ bound for "Fairview" or "Cubao". Get off right at the side of the rotunda.

    Travel Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

    6. University of the Philippines

    Location: Diliman, Quezon City

    Description: the state-owned University of the Philippines which was established in June 1908, is the country's institute of higher learning and considered the finest in the Far East.

    Sprawled over an area of 450 hectares, the university provides a cool ambience amidst tall and ancient trees conducive to one's learning.

    Although a government entity, the University enjoys its own charter of independence from government and other external agencies.

    Its subsidy from the national government allows it to provide education at a very minimal cost to most students and a totally free education to the meritorious through an extensive scholarship program. Many of our famous leaders, artists, writers and professionals had been in UP as students and/or teachers; and it is still the center for the fermentation of ideas as well as for the training in various fileds of knowledge.

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue or T.M. Kalaw St., hail a PUJ bound for "Fairview". Get off right at the UP campus.

    Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

    7. Araneta Coliseum

    Location: Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

    Description: The world's largest covered dome (in the 60's) which towers 220 feet and has a seating capacity of 32,000. It is located in Cubao, Quezon City and holds court as the district's focal point.

    The Coliseum has staged various shows from the moment it captured the Philippines' first postwar world boxing title by the legendary Gabriel "Flash" Elorde. It presented too the classic "Fight of a Lifetime" - between Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier in 1976. Also worth mentioning are the beauty pageants and basketball tournaments of national and international tones plus local shows ranging from the musical concerts to athletic events.

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue or T.M. Kalaw St., hail a PUJ bound for "Cubao". Get off at Cubao. Take a 10-minute walk towards Araneta Coliseum.

    Take the Light Rail Transit (LRT) at the United Nations Avenue station or Pedro Gil station. Get off at the Monumento Station. Hail a bus with the signboard "Cubao" or "Baclaran". Get off right at the Araneta Center.

    Travel Time: Approxinmately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    8. Camps Crame and Aguinaldo

    Location: EDSA, Quezon city

    Description: Two of the most important military headquarters where the 4-day rebellion started. It was here, on February 22, 1986 that Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and then Constabulary Commander and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Fidel V. Ramos holed up with just one battalion of soldiers. Here they announced their withdrawal of support from the Marcos government. Here they waited for Marcos' remaining loyalist troops to arrest them, determined only to defend themselves and to die with honor rather than live like puppets protecting the dictator. But the attack never came, for what they thought to be their last, grand gesture sparked a popular revolt against the tyrant and these two military camps became the symbols of the Filipino people's long struggle against tyranny and oppression.

    How to get there?: Take the LRT at UN Avenue station of Pedro Gil station. Get off at Monumento North Terminal. Hail a bus with the signboard "Cubao" or "Baclaran". Get off right at the gates of the two camps. From T.M. Kalaw St., hail a PUJ bound for "Cubao:. Get off at EDSA corner Aurora Boulevard. From EDSA, hail a bus going to Baclaran. Get off right in front of the two camps.

    Travel Time: Approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

Quezon City Travel Information
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