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    1. Rizal Monument

    Location: Rizal Park, Manila

    Description: The 50 foot high monument was built in the early 1900's in cooperation of then American Governor-General William Howard Taft thru the funds raised by public subscription to honor the Philippine patriot and hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Rizal's statue which was completed in 1912, was cast in Switzerland under the supervision of Richard Kissling; stood on a rhombic base of solid granite blocks below an obelisk.

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    How to get there?: From Mabini street, hail any PUJs bound for the pier and get off at the Manila Hotel along Bonifacio Drive.

    Travel Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

    2. Light and Sound Sculptural Show of Jose Rizal

    Location: Rizal Park, Manila (near the Rizal Monument)

    Description: the Light and sound Sculptural Show of Jose P. Rizal is presented on the same spot where Rizal was executed. This is a 30-minute modern dramatization of the execution coupled with 10-foot-tall brass sculptures of Rizal and the firing squad. The sculptures were done by Ed Castillo and the script penned by the late film director Lamberto Avellana. The show's purpose is to instill in present-day Filipinos and future generations the significance of the national hero's supreme sacrifice.

    How to get there?: From Mabini Street, hail any PUJs bound for the pier and get off at the Manila Hotel along Bonifacio Drive. A 10 minute walk to the sculptural show.

    Travel Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

    3. Manila Zoological Garden

    Location: Mabini Street corner Quirino Avenue, Malate

    Description: The Manila Zoo shelters a collection of Philippine and exotic African wildlife. Among the varieties of animals and birds found here are the endangered Philippine Tamaraw and the Tarsier, which both indigenous to the Philippines.

    How to get there?: From United Nations Avenue corner Taft Avenue, hail a PUJ bound for Mabini and Hrrison Sts. and get off at the right corner lot on Quirino Avenue and Mabini Street.

    Travel Time: Approximately 25 minutes.

    4. Carfel Seashell Museum

    Location: 1786 Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila

    Description: Besides having the most extensive collection of the rarest seashells found in this part of the world, the museum is one of its kind in the Far East. Kept well inside glass panels are such rarities like Conus gloriamaris (Glory of the Sea) and the Cypraea aurantium (Golden Cowry).

    How to get there?: From T.M. Kalaw St., take a Baclaran-bound PUJ and get off along M.H. del Pilar just before reaching Malate Church.

    Travel Time: Approximately 15 minutes.

    5. Manila Hotel

    Location: Rizal Park, Manila

    Description: One of the grand hotels of the Orient, the Manila Hotel was conceived in 1907 and was inaugurated on July 4, 1912. The creation of Manila Hotel was the result of the urban design scheme during the American Colonial Era, thus it was intended to deliver Manila, once and for all from the standing reproach of inhospitality to the traveller.

    How to get there?: From Mabini Street, hail any PUJs bound for the pier and get off at the Manila Hotel along Bonifacio Drive.

    Travel Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

    6. Kanlungan ng Sining (Artist's Haven)

    Location: Rizal Park, Manila

    Description: The Artist's Haven is situated in a 5,000 sqm. of space right in the heart of Rizal Park, is a fitting tribute to the Filipino artistic talents. It is a haven where one can rapidly find peace and quiet or be inspired to create a work or art amidst the dramatic exhibits of sculptures, paintings and photographs by his peers.

    How to get there?: From Mabini Street, hail any PUJs bound for the pier and get off at the Manila Hotel along Bonifacio Drive. A 10 minute walk to the Artist's Haven.

    Travel Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

    7. Japanese Garden

    Location: Rizal Park, Manila

    Description: The Japanese Garden Project was initiated by the National Parks Development Committee together with the Japanese Community. The 9,000 sqm. garden is an authentic Japanese Garden in miniature, but one can view local rare foliage, vines, trees, grasses, hedges and other ornamental plants such as camias, camachile and bituin marikit which are endemic to Philippine soil. The garden not only gives us a glimpse of Japanese culture, but also promotes friendship and mutual understanding between the Japanese and Filipino people.

    How to get there?: From Mabini Street, hail any PUJs bound for the pier and get off at the Manila Hotel along Bonifacio Drive. A 10 minute walk to the Japanese Garden.

    Travel Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

    8. Ayala Bridge

    Location: San Miguel and Arroceros, Manila

    Description: First built in 1872 by Don Jacobo Zobel de Ayala of the Ayala-Roxas Family. In 1908, during the American Colonial Period, it was reconstructed making use of steel materials, thus the first structural steel bridge spanning Pasig River. the bridge links San Miguel District to Arroceros District.

    How to get there?: From T.M. Kalaw Street, hail any Quiapo-bound jeepney. Get off at Quiapo and hail another PUJ bound for San Miguel. Get off right at the foot of the bridge. From Taft Avenue, take a Quiapo-bound jeepney and get off at the Ayala Boulevard intersection fronting the Philippine Senate or the Executive House. From there take a 15 minute walk going to the bridge.

    Travel Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

    9. Meban Garden

    Location: Plaza Lawton, Manila (near Metropolitan Theater)

    Description: The first botanical garden in the City of Manila taht was put by the Spanish Jesuits. After centuries of being unkept, the more that 2-hectare lost was rejuvenated. Its lawn of well-manicured bermuda grass is today forever green. For history aficionados, the garden's special feature is the three-century-old narra tree which provides an enticing foreground to the lush scenery inside the garden.

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue, hail a PUJ going to Quiapo or Sta. Cruz. Get off at Mechan Garden. Take the LRT along Taft Avenue and get off at Arroceros Station. Take 5-minute walk towards Mehan Garden.

    Tavel Time: Approximately 15 minutes.

    10. Liwasang Bonficacio

    Location: Plaza Lawton, Manila

    Description: A park dedicated to a Philippine hero, Andres Bonifacio, leader of the Philippine Revolution of 1896 who unlike Rizal advocated armed revolution against Spain. Within the Liwasang Bonifacio is a huge Central Fountain Park of Manila which was inaugurated in December 1994. This is also the site of mass political rallies concentrating on international and local affairs.

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue, take any PUJ going to "Quiapo.: Get off right at the plaza.

    Travel Time: approximately 10 minutes.

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