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    METRO MANILA: Best of the Islands Philippines

    Makati City : Historical Tourist Attractions

    1. The American Cemetery and Memorial

    Location: Fort Bonifacio, Makati

    Description: It is one of the loveliest and serene spots that inspire noble emotions in the Philippines and one of the most visited places by tourists especially World War II veterans. Battles of the World War II are engraved on the walls of the Memorial.

    Military data and battles that actually happened are depicted and recorded in the map rooms, with 25 intricately designed maps.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Metro Manila Information and Map

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue, take a Baclaran bound PUJ or take the LRT. Get off at Baclaran South Terminal (Buendia / Sen. Gil Puyat) then take a bus going to EDSA. Get off at North Forbes Park and take any PUJ going to Millionare's Village. Get off the entrance of Fort Bonifacio.

    Travel Time: Approximately one (1) hour.

    2. The Libingan ng mga Bayani

    Location: Fort Bonifacio, Makati

    Description: The burial ground of 33,520 Filipino soldiers who were killed in Bataan, Corregidor, and throughout the country during the Second World War. In it is the tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

    How to get there from T.M. Kalaw?: Take LRT from United Nations Avenue then get off at Baclaran Terminal. Take another bus to EDSA then get off at North Forbes Park. Take any PUJ going to the Millionare's Village then get off at the entrance of Fort Bonifacio.

    Travel Time: Approximately one (1) hour.

    3. Guadalupe Ruins (Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church)

    Location: Bernardino St., Guadalupe Viejo, Makati

    Description: Doric architecture with massive butteresses to support its vault of hewn stones taken from the still visible but extinct Guadalupe quarry. Free from ornamentations, its walls are solid and stable and built in such a way that they still stand today as when it was completed in 1629.

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue, take the Ayala bound bus and get off at Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue. Take another jeepney going to J.P. Rizal (Ibabaw) and get off in front of Guadalupe Ruins.

    Travel Time: Aproximately one (1) hour.

Makati Travel Information
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