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    Makati City : Festivals

    Conceptualized in 1988, CARACOL is a Spanish term for snail and refers to "the shell used by the people to protect them from life's detrimental realities." It is a combination of the three major ethnic festivals of the Philippines. Declared official festival of Makati through the passage of Resolution 351. Held every last Sunday of January.

    One of the biggest processions in Metro Manila participated in by 120 yourng ladies representing the thirty two barangays of the City, tourism oriented establishments, local and government offices, corprations based in Makati. Every year a flower Queen is crowned by the Mayor. Held last Sunday of May.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    A free mass wedding for unmarried couples who have lived together without the benefit of a church wedding. Free wedding arrangements with first class receptions. The participants also have the Mayor as Sponsor. Held during MAKATI! MAKATI! celebrating the Foundation Day of the City.

    A yearly exhibit of top of the line native handicrafts. Instrumental in the discovery and development of native crafts producers. Mounted in cooperation with the Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry, International Association of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows, it supports local artists and artisans by providing venue and marketing. Held between March and April.

    A street re-enactment of the life, death and passion of Jesus Christ. Event is mounted during the Lenten Season in the barangays.

    Ten Outstanding Students of Makati, the creme de la creme of youth leaders representing the private and public schools. The crop has produced many winners outstanding in their professional careers, notably of a Baron at the PMA - Ferdinand Picar; Sid Hildawa, an artist; Chichi Fajardo, newscaster and Julio Benedicto, summa cum laude-economics at Yale University. Held one month before high school graduations in one of the schools.

    a commemorative Ball hosted by the Mayor and held at the City Hall Quadrangle every first of June. Host and guests representing the local government, socio-economic sector wear turn-of-the-century native customes. Highlight of the eveyning is a Rigodon de Honor presided by the Mayor and his lady.

    BAILES delos ARCOS
    Performed on June 29 during the feast day of the Saints Peter and Paul at Barangay Poblacion by daughters of past participants with impeccable reputations as homage to the Virgen dela Rosa for her kindness. Dancers are trained for a year.

    an exhibit representing seventeen ethnic tribes of the People's Republic of China showing the similarities in costumes and trinklets of our ethnic tribes, hence, the Chines word Xong Di meaning brother.

    A raffle draw for the rank and file. Considered as a concrete example of NGOs working with local government. Prices are donated by the private sectors, usually held a week before Christmas with the Mayor hosting the year.

    Mounted during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Frames of fireworks donated by the business sector are ignited after the presentation of the Dragon and Tiger dances. One of the events viewed by thousands of spectators.

    Conceived in 1987. Facades of building are decorated by creches and complemented by locally made lanterns. Barangay halls, school premises, and local government offices put up their own versions of the creche. The event is also one of the biggest affairs of Makati in cooperation with the NGOs. Starts in December.

Makati Travel Information
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