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    Makati City : Cultural Tourist Attractions

    1. Ayala Museum

    Location: Makati Avenue, Greenbelt, Makati

    Description: The museum is a unique show window of Philippine history and culture.

    Features 60 dioramas (tri-dimentional portrait) of half a million years of Philippine history, scaled down reproductions of native boats and foreign ships, and the making of a Filipino statesman of international reknown in the Carlos P. Romulo room.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Metro Manila Information and Map

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    How to get there?: From Taft Avenue, one can take an Ayala bound bus and get off at Makati Avenue. A three minutes walk further on Makati Avenue leads to the museum which is just across the Ayala Center.

    Travel Time: Approximately 40 to 45 minutes.

    2. Philippine Army Museum

    Location: Mc Arthur Drive, Fort Bonifacio

    Description: a repository of antique guns, cannons, tanks, and other relies of World War II as well as captured paraphernalia, ammunition, and weapons of the NPA. A special features is a tunnel with several arteries leading to different exits.

    How to get there?: Take the LRT from Taft then get off at Baclaran Terminal. Take another bus to EDSA then get off at North Forbes Park. Take any PUJ to the Millionare's Village then get off at the entrance of Fort Bonifacio.

    Travel Time: Approximately one (1) hour.

    3. Museo ng Makati

    Location: J.P. Rizal St., Poblacion, Makati

    Description: The Museo nf Makati was created through Municipal Ordinance No.: 1896. Primarily a municipal museum, it is the reservoir of the artifacts, treasures, and relics of the town's glorious past. Special feature will be the "living" exhibits of the different regions of the country showcasing attributes uniquely their own.

    How to get there?: From Taft take PUJ to Pedro Gil then get off at the Philippine General Hospital. Take the L. Guinto Guadalupe PUJ then get off in front of the Museo.

    Travel Time: Approximately one hour and ten minutes.

    4. Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center

    Location: 395 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati

    Description: Established in 1945, this library provides accurate, up to date, comprehensive information about the United States. It is also a place where lectures and seminars, exhibits of all kinds of screening of films and videotape recording. Performance of visiting artists are also held occasionaly.

    How to get there?: From Taft, take the LRT or Buendia Station. Then take any bus with Gil Puyat/Buendia signboard then you ask the bus conductor to drop off at Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center.

    Travel Time: Approximately one hour.

    5. Alliance Francaise

    Location: 22 Keystone Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati

    Description: This art gallery features painting made by young Filipino artists.

    How to get there?: From Taft, take the LRT and get off at Gil Puyat Station. Take a bus to Ayala and get off at Keystone Bldg.

    Travel Time: 30 to 40 minutes

    6. Finale Art File

    Location: G-20 Sunvar Plaza, Pasay Road, Makati

    Description: It shows art works on canvass, art photographs and pottery.

    How to get there?: From Taft, take the LRT and get off at Gil Puyat Station. Take PUJ or bus passing along Pasong Tamo Street. From Pasong Tamo take a Mantrade bound jeepney and get off at Sunvar Plaza.

    Travel Time: Approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

    7. Galeria Jupiter

    Location: 74 Jupiter Street, Bel-air, Makati

    Description: This gallery showcases Oriental art objects and furnitures. Also found here are Chines and Korean antiques and ceramics.

    How to get there?: from TM Kalaw LRT (UN Station) take the LRt and get off at Gil Puyat Avenue. Take any PUJ bound for Buendia Extension and get off at Bel-air.

    Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes

    8. Luz Gallery

    Location: Locsin Bldg., Makati corner Ayala Avenue, Makati

    Description: This gallery showcases many interesting art pieces. Amonng these are old prints, artifacts, old ceramics, antiques, sculptures, and brass figures.

    How to get there?: From TM Kalaw Taft, one can hail an Ayala bound bus and get off at Makati Avenue. A short walk along Makati Avenue leads to Locsin Building where the art gallery is found.

    Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

    9. Osmundo Gallery

    Location: Dusit Hotel Nikko, EDSA, Makati

    Description: This gallery features antique furnitures, Philippine Saints and folk art, excavated Philippine pottery, Chinese porcelain and heirloom pieces.

    How to get there?: From TM Kalaw, take the LRT and get off at EDSA station. Take another bus to EDSA then get off at the Dusit Hotel Nikko.

    Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

Makati Travel Information
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