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    Festival and Historical Sites

    Iloilo's is a byword for its famous festival - the Dinagyang, a local mardigras. Held every January in honor of the Infant Jesus, the festival is a major tourist attraction. Another even Iloilo is known for is the Paraw Regatta. Which is participated in by local and foreign sportsmen.

    Iloilo is a trove of historical sites. Tour the province's famous sunset strip, Fort San Pedro or the flower-decked La Villa Rica de Arevalo, site of the Hispanic governance. Or one can visit another historical landmark, Plaza Libertad in the central city district where the flag of the Philippine revolutionaries was first raised upon Spain's final surrender. Old paintings, tapestries, furniture and memorabilia may be viewed in the Museo Iloilo and also in private galleries deeo in the heart of the city.

Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

    Iloilo may be relished by nature trips to its delightful beaches that are best for swimming, snorkeling and other water sports.

    Igbaras, an hour and fifteen minute's drive from the city is sure to captivate visitors with its waterfalls, climbing hills, crystal caves and springs. Another cave haunt is Dingle, only 35 minutes from the city proper - it also boasts of a number of religious shrines and healing springwaters. Sicogon Island and the Islas de Gigantes are nearby isles which are laced with shimmering sands and deep blue waters that teem with marine life and corals.

    Pavia, a ten minutes drive by jeepney, is noted for its red brick Church while memories of the past may be evoked by visits to Janiuay, where ruins of abbeys, cemeteries and watchtowers still stand to mesmerize the traveller. For a view of grand mountain canyons, a drop-by at Bucari Mountain Ranges in Leon 28 kilometers away is simply thrilling.

    Visits to the colleges of agriculture in Leon and Lambunao, and the fisheries college of Barotac Nuevo. Show that the province is a hive of economic progress.

    Today, Iloilo still reigns as the gateway to the Visayan belt. Its riches are more plentiful than ever on the combined merits of industrial significance, historical antiquity and natural poetry.

Iloilo Travel Information
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