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General Information

Diving & Marine Information

3m - 10m January to February
10m- 30m March to May
10m- 15m June to December

The current in El Nido varies from very slight to moderate depending on tidal fluctuations. Generally very manageable, divers can swim back to the boat without difficulty.

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Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

December to March 24°C - 26°C
April to November 26°C - 29°C

The standard banca or outrigger boats can accommodate up to 10 divers. Dive groups are usually formed with 6 guests to a boat. The wooden bancas are powered by marinized diesel engines.

Experienced divers must present their C- card and logbook before diving.

The Resorts offer packages with two dives a day. Divers acclimatize in front of the Resort or in a suitable confined area A divemaster handles up to a maximum of six (6) divers at one time. Additional safety divemasters are assigned to bigger groups and novice divers. The divemaster controls all dives. Third dives are optional and can be arranged at additional cost. Cave and night diving are not allowed. All dives are
No-decompression dives.

Diving boats normally anchor at the dive site. Coffee and water are served on board. The best time of the year for diving at El Nido is during the tropical summer months of March till May, as surface conditions are good during this time.

El Nido has 21 principal dive sites which offer different types of diving, namely: rock formation, slope reef, flat reef, submerged reef, drop - off and tunnel dive. Here you will witness the rich and colorful underwater world that awaits you at El Nido.

The El Nido area is a Marine Reserve. Collecting corals, shells and the like, as well as spear fishing, are not permitted.

Equipment rental is on a first come first served basis. Please return the equipment promptly after use to accommodate others who may want to avail of them. BCDs and regulators are available at the Resort.

Both Resorts have emergency equipment like oxygen resuscitators and has trained diving emergency personnel.

El Nido is a perfect venue for your diving lessons. The Resorts offer three dive courses: Open water course for beginners; Advanced diving course; and the Rescue Diving/ Medic first aid course. Each course takes at least five to six days to complete. Upon graduation you will be issued a temporary diver's licence. Your C-card will be sent to you after one month. If you wish to take a dive course, please inform the Reservations staff when making your booking. You will be required to present a medical certificate for diving eligibility and two 2" x 2" photographs.


For more information on dive spots in El Nido, written material is available at the Marine Sports Center.

Marine Reserve

EL Nido's marine ecosystem is one of the most diverse in the Philippines. It has an extensive variety of species of sea grass, corals, algae, fishes and the hawksbill turtle.

Equally rich are El Nido's forests where a wide variety of plant and wildlife, some of which are found only in Palawan, abound. The scaly Ant Eater, the Palawan Porcupine and the Palawan Peacock pheasant are examples of the wildlife that can be seen in El Nido.

In recognition of the critical importance of protecting and maintaining the natural biological and physical diversity of El Nido's environment, the National Government declared 12 out of 18 barrios in El Nido as a protected area called the El Nido Marine Reserve. This protected area is covered by special laws to ensure that the natural resources within the reserve are conserved and properly managed.

Activities prohibited in the Marine Reserve include taking and catching protected marine and wildlife species; gathering and collecting shells and tropical fishes for commercial and/or souvenir purposes; spearfishing; indiscrimate disposal of trash and removing or destroying natural features and archaeological and historical

El Nido Resorts of Ten Knots Development Corporation encourages all Resort guests to be actively involved in the protection and conservation of the area's resources. A code or creed of environmental conduct for Resort guests was developed by the Company. All guests are given a copy of this upon checking-in at the Resort and are enjoined to observe the code of conduct during their stay in El Nido.

Please allow El Nido to remain as pristine as it is. Let us keep its environment safe and protected.

El Nido Palawan Travel Information

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