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Facilities and Services

LEGEND:M- Miniloc Island

You can regulate the temperature in your room by using the control switches of the air conditioner. Please set the switch of your air conditioner to "low fan" for three minutes before turning the control switches to cooler temperature or before switching off. Kindly help us conserve energy by turning off the aircon when the room is not in use.

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Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

2. BABY SITTING.....( M P )
Baby sitting services are available on an hourly or daily rate. Please make arrangements at the Front Desk in advance, or upon booking.

3.BAR.....( M P )
Alcoholic beverages, fruit juices are available at the Bar counters situated near the front desk and in the garden at Miniloc and at the clubhouse at Pangulasian.

Guests are provided with bio-degradable soap, shampoo with conditioner and lotion in the guestroom. We would like to encourage the use of our bio-degradable bath amenities to help conserve the pristine environment of El Nido.

For your information, non-biodegradable components of soap and shampoo/conditioner may increase the alkalinity of water, killing the little plants and animals on which fish and other bigger animals depend.

5. BOUTIQUE.....( M P )
Beach wear, souvenir items, films, personal care products and snacks are available at the Boutique located beside the bar in Miniloc and at the clubhouse in Pangulasian.

6. CAMERA RENTAL.....( M P )
A Polaroid camera and films are available for rent and sale respectively. Please inquire at the Front Desk.

7. CREDIT CARDS.....( M P )
The following international credit cards are accepted: American Express, Mastercard, Visa and JCB. Please present your credit card upon check-in to avoid delays in verification.

8. CHECK-OUT TIME.....( M P )
Guests who are departing the following morning are encouraged to settle their accounts the night before for their convenience. As guests are transferred to the airport two hours before flight time, check out should be made at least thirty (30) minutes prior to transfer, ie 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

You can mix business with pleasure at Pangulasian Island. The Resort Conference Room can accommodate meetings of up to 20 persons. Informal meetings can also be arranged in specific areas around the Resort. Overhead projector and video equipment are available.

10. DRINKING WATER.....( M P )
All rooms in Miniloc Island are provided with a bottle of drinking water. A bottle of mineral water can be found in the mini refrigerators inside the Pangulasian rooms. Water from the faucet is potable. Please conserve water as it is a valuable resource on the islands.

11. ELECTRICITY.....( M P )
The Islands supply 220 volts and 60 cycles of electricity available 24 hours. Transformers are available at the Front Desk.

Guests may re-confirm or amend air transfers through the Front Desk at the Resort.

13. FOOD.....( M P )
International and local cuisine for a la carte, set menu buffet and snacks are available at the restaurant.

Telephone and fax services are available in Pangulasian Island Resort. Miniloc may be contacted by radio from Pangulasian and from Manila.

A Guest Activity Coordinator will assist you in making your stay at the Resort a pleasant and memorable one. Each evening the guest services officer will coordinate with you regarding your schedule of activities for the next day.

16. LAUNDRY.....( M P )
Laundry is done by hand and sun-dried. Please note that during rainy season, it may take longer than usual for the laundry service to be completed. In our efforts to contribute to the conservation of fresh water, we would also like to appeal to guests to place their towels in the hamper only if it is ready for change.

17. LIBRARY.....( P A )
limited variety of reading materials are available at the Resort Video and Reading Room located at the second floor of the clubhouse. Please inform the Front Desk if you wish to borrow a book or magazine. Un-returned reading materials will be charged to your account.

Hotel accommodations in Manila may be arranged in advance, through the El Nido Resorts Reservations office in Manila or Travel Packages.

The Resort has a complete line of scuba diving equipment and facilities such as compressors and tanks. Divers must bring their C-card, logbook or proof of certification to dive. Weight belts and lead weights are readily available. Masks, snorkels, fins and other personal diving gear are also available upon prior request.

Windsurf boards, hobie cat, water skis, dinghies, motorized bancas, kayaks, canoes, fishing gear and accessories are available at the marine sports center upon request and subject to availability.

A nurse is on call at the Front Desk. A medical doctor may also be called in for consultation and/or treatment, if necessary. First aid kits and oxygen resuscitator equipment are also available.

21. MINI-BAR.....( P )
A mini-bar is available in your cottage. Kindly fill-up the mini bar form in your room when you utilize the mini-bar.

22. MOVIE VIEWING.....( P )
The Resort has a variety of VHS tapes in the Video and Reading Room located at the second floor of the Clubhouse.

23. MONEY EXCHANGE.....( P )
The Front Desk will be happy to assist you in changing your currency to Philippine pesos.

24. POSTAL SERVICE.....( M P )
Postal Service is available at the Front Desk. All mail is dispatched daily through the air transfers to Manila. Please give an allowance of two to three days in addition to the normal delivery time of your mail.

25. REFRIGERATOR.....( P )
All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, stocked with carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and juices. Items consumed will be charged to your personal account.

26. RESTAURANT.....( M P )
The Resort in Miniloc has a restaurant located near the Front Desk. All meals are served buffet style. Enjoy fresh seafood or choice meats, prepared in a variety of ways from the restaurant in Pangulasian situated at the second floor of the Clubhouse. Set and a la carte menus are available daily. The Restaurant overlooks various outlying islands and presents a most picturesque view.

For your convenience, safety deposit boxes are available at the Front Desk.

Payment may be made in cash, traveller's cheques or credit cards. Currencies accepted are Philippine pesos, US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, Deutsche mark and British pound. If paying with credit card, please present your card upon check-in to avoid delays in verification. Please turn over your room key when settling your account. Kindly settle your account the night before departing from the Resort to avoid delays.

Service charge is 10% and currently applicable government tax is 13.7% on rooms, 4.2% on food and 8.7% on alcoholic beverage.

30. SEWING KIT.....( M P )
This is available from the Housekeeping Depanment, upon request.

31. SMOKING AND FIRE.....( M P )
To avoid fire hazards, please dispose of your cigarettes and cigars properly. Please refrain from smoking in bed. A fire extinguisher is available in each cottage for your safety. In case of fire - please do not panic. Proceed immediately to the beach area.

Excess baggage may be stored at the A. Soriano Aviation Terminal in Manila and may be claimed upon arrival.

33. TIPPING.....( M P )
Tipping is not allowed. You are encouraged to contribute instead to the El Nido Foundation, our partner in the community, engaged in social development and environmental conservation.

The boat leaves the Resort at 7:30 a.m. for the 9:30 morning flight and at 2:30 p.m. for the 5:00 afternoon flight. This is necessary to avoid delays due to unpredictable weather and to allow enough time for all guests to check in properly. You may leave your bags outside your room and our housekeeping staff will collect them from your room 30 minutes before departure from the Resort.

Accounts may be settled through travellers cheques.

36. WAKE-UPCALLS.....( M P )
Please call Front Desk to schedule your wake up call. In Pangulasian Island, you may use the automatic wake-up call service in your room. Instructions are available in your telephone directory.

37. WATER.....( M P )
Fresh water is precious so please help us conserve our supply by turning off the faucets and showers properly after use. When taking a hot shower, please wait a few minutes for water to heat up.

38. WINES & SPIRITS.....( M P )
The Resort offers a selection of Wines & Spirits at the Bar, and during meals.

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