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The Resort on Miniloc Island is the original "El Nido Resort". It opened in 1982 as a dive camp and its early visitors were all divers. Since then, the Resort gained popularity among nondiving visitors who have come to experience the natural attractions of El Nido and the charming service at the Resort.

We would like to make each guest's visit most memorable, hoping that you will keep coming back to the paradise you found.

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Philippine Travel Tips and General Informations

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

Miniloc Island

Miniloc Island, also known as "Island of the Gods" features dramatic cliffs and hidden lagoons. Its unique rock formation lends an aura of mystery and excitement that each guest feels upon approaching the island. Once on the pier, guests will see a native Resort-village esconced in a cove. The garden is surrounded by tropical flowers and a variety of trees. Exotic animals of Palawan, like monkeys and parrots, roam freely; and on the pier, guests can feed a variety of tropical fish, an introduction to El Nido's rich marine life.


El Nido Resorts Lagen and El Nido Resorts Miniloc. The Resort has a total of 26 cottages and five guest houses. Though the cottages are non-air-conditioned, they are provided with electric fans.

El Nido Miniloc Island was originally designed as a dive camp where bath houses are separate but conveniently located near the cottages. The bath houses were designed this way to easily accommodate groups of divers and their equipment.

The bath houses are manned 24 hours by housekeeping staff to maintain the high cleanliness standards our Resort is known for.

There are 12 garden cottages, each with two beds and a sofa bed. There are two connecting units that comprise the two family cottages.

Also available are three cliff cottages, each with a double bed and two sofa beds.

There are two centrally located bath houses, one for females and another for males. Each bath house has three showers, three toilets and three wash basins. Guests staying at the Garden and Cliff cottages share these facilities.

Also available are seven individual water cottages on stilts. Its verandas overlooking the sea each have a table and two chairs.

Two bath houses are located near the Water Cottages.

Five connected rooms comprise the guest house. Two bath rooms with showers, toilets and wash basins are located near these cottages.

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