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1. Easter Weaving Room - This school was built in 1905 under Samuel Drury with funds donated by Bishop Brent of the Episcopalian Church of the Philippines. It opened in 1906 as a church school with "eight homesick malaria-infested Igorot students" one of whom was the famous Dr. Hilary Clapp. In 1909Deaconess Hargreaves admitted girls but it was during the administration of Dr. Benjamin Platt that Easter School Weaving Room was started as industrial work in the curriculum. By 1924 there were five buildings and in 1928 they inaugurated the Chapel of the Holy Innocents. Before World War II the Easter School Compound which had nine buildings were razed to the ground by the American Liberation Forces. With only the headquarters and the Nurses cottages standing, then rehabilitation started to complete the compound as it is now. It is the right place to visit for those who are interested in native fabrics and other handicrafts. Her one can witness the actual process of cloth weaving as practiced by the natives of the mountain provinces for ages. The basic material for woven products can be bought in an adjunct of the Easter School established in 1908 by the Philippine Episcopalian Church.

Baguio City, Philippines is 246 Kms.
away from Manila (Rizal Monument)

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

2. St. Louis Filigree Shop - A handicraft shop specializing in silver jewelry and other filigree products. Some of the craftsmen are only high school students. The shop is in the center of the city and was established in 1916.

3. Baguio Tourism Complex - Within the complex along Gov. Pack Road are the Baguio Sunshine Park, the Regional Office of the Department of Tourism and Secretary's guest house. The Sunshine Park features flowering gardens piped in music and covered stage with ethnic designs which is often used for cultural presentations. The park itself is designed after a shield.

4. Baguio-Mountain Provinces Museum - This museum was temporarily located in Camp John Hay following the collapse of the building during the 1990 earthquake was established by a group of concerned citizens to preserve the cultural heritage of the Cordilleras. It had on display a variety of artifacts and relics showcases the cultural heritage, customs and traditions of the mountain provinces. The cluster of buildings within the complex depicts the architectural feature of the native houses of the mountain provinces. There is now a plan to reconstruct this at the old site within the Tourism Complex. Hopefully it will be completed and opened by 1998.

5. Baguio Convention Center - Situated across the University of the Philippines exudes an ethnic flavor, considered the most modern and spacious edifice North of Manila, the BCC initially gained prominence when it became the site of 1978 internationally renowned chess championship series between Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi. It was inaugurated by former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos on July 7, 1978 during the opening of the series. It continues to cater to conferences, conventions, meetings and other social functions in the City.

6. Educational Institutions - There are six (6) colleges and universities in Baguio. These are the University of the Philippines College, University of Baguio, Saint Louis University, Baguio Colleges Foundation, Baguio Central University and Brent International School.

7. SLU Museum - Located in the premise of the school (SLU), it showcase the different culture heritage's of the Cordilleras and some lowland amenities. Artifacts and relics including an ancient coffin can be seen on display. A curator is always stationed for the convenience of visitors to explain the artifacts and the culture of the Cordilleras.

8. Ifugao Woodcarvers Village - Along the way to Asin, about 5 kms. From the city, is an Ifugao wood carving village which produces and sells beautiful hand-carved items at very low prices.

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